Council Committees

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To learn more about any of these groups, click on the committee’s name to review their mission statement. Membership is available to all members of the IGS that wish to serve on an open committee. To join any open committee, please write to the committee chair.


Open Committees


African Regional Activities Committee

The African Regional Activities Committee (African-RAC) is dedicated to promoting the use of geosynthetics in Africa through the establishment of IGS chapters and dissemination of geosynthetics information.

Committee Lead
Jabulile Msiza
Jones & Wagener

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Asian Regional Activities Committee

The mission of the Asian Regional Activities Committee Asian (RAC) is to facilitate the advancement of knowledge and technology related to geosynthetics through education, research and technology transfer in the Asia Pacific Region.

Committee Lead
Professor Chiwan Hsieh
National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

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European Regional Activities Committee

The mission of the European Regional Activities Committee (European-RAC) is to promote appropriate use of geosynthetics through the dissemination of knowledge about geosynthetics, and to support the co-ordination of activities conducted by IGS chapters in European countries.

Committee Lead
Laura Carbone
HUESKER Synthetic GmbH

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Pan-American Regional Activities Committee

The mission of the Pan-American Regional Activities Committee (Pan-American-RAC) is to promote the use of geosynthetics in engineering practice, disseminate knowledge about geosynthetics, promote technological advances involving geosynthetics, and provide a forum for geosynthetic professionals in the various regions of North and South America.

Committee Lead
Professor Tim Stark
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Corporate Committee

The Corporate Committee is dedicated to recruiting and serving the IGS’ corporate members. The committee is constantly looking at new ways to structure corporate membership to best align with industry’s corporations and their goals.

Committee Lead
Francesco Fontana
Manifattura Fontana SpA

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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is dedicated to developing and disseminating news and information to the IGS membership. The committee is actively engaged in developing the IGS newsletter and the IGS website.

Committee Lead
Sam Allen
TRI/Environmental Inc.

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Education Committee

The Education Committee is dedicated to growing IGS membership by providing educational material such as webinars, one-pagers and videos to members of the IGS community. A primary focus for the Education Committee is the Educate the Educators (ETE) program. The committee plans ETE programs throughout the world to help university professors understand the benefits and purpose of geosynthetics and insert them into their curriculum.

Committee Lead
Takeshi Katsumi
Kyoto University

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Young Members Committee

The Young Members Operating Committee is focused on promoting young members’ participation at regional/chapter levels and at all levels within the IGS. A primary focus for the Committee is to develop a network to support student members and young members at the university level and their transition into the world of employment, by connecting them to corporate members of the IGS for possible employment opportunities or further research work opportunities.

Committee Lead
Dawie Marx

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Closed Committees


Awards Committee Members are appointed by the officers of the IGS.


This Committee is formed as necessary.


The Financial Committee is a standing committee of the IGS. Its principal responsibilities are to see that appropriate accounting policies and internal controls are established and followed, and that the organization issues financial statements and reports on time and in accordance with its regulatory obligations.


The Investment Advisory Committee is a standing committee comprised of the officers of the society, representatives of the societies banking resources, the societies accountants and representatives of the business community. Its principal responsibility is to counsel and advise the Treasurer concerning the investments and financial instruments employed by the society to safeguard the financial resources of the society.

Refer to the IGS Operating Units graphic to learn how the IGS Council Committees fit within the context of the society as a whole. The image also shows the officers for each of the current IGS Committees.

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