Soil Reinforcement

IGS Technical Committee on Soil Reinforcement

The Technical Committee on Soil Reinforcement (TC-R) is dedicated to the scientific and engineering development of geosynthetics systems and associated technologies. This committee promotes the dissemination of knowledge, technology, research findings, design and construction methodologies related to reinforcement applications of geosynthetics, such as reinforced soil walls and abutments; reinforced soil steep slopes; basal reinforcement of embankments on soft soil, on piles, and on voids; veneer reinforcement of shallow soil layers on slopes.

Our Work

The TC-R’s work includes:


Meet Our Leaders

Pietro Rimoldi

Consultant, Milano, Italy

Dr. Yoshihisa Miyata

National Defense Academy of Japan (NDAJ) Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ivan Puig Damians

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC, School of Civil Engineering)

Get Involved

The TC-R accepts applications from individual IGS members and representatives of IGS corporate members.

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