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IGS Sustainability Paper Features In Special Edition

A paper co-authored by members of the IGS Technical and Sustainability Committees features in an open-access online journal.

Sustainable Use of Geosynthetics in Dykes’ by Pietro Rimoldi, Jonathan Shamrock, Jacek Kawalec and Nathalie Touze will be published on the MDPI website from this Friday (April 23).

The paper features in a special issue of the journal Sustainability called ‘Advances in Sustainable River Management: Reconciling Conflicting Interests Under Climate Extremes’.

The review paper was prepared by all four of the IGS Technical Committees and the Sustainability Committee and explores the many ways in which geosynthetics contribute to the sustainable construction of dykes and thereby water systems management.

Discussion includes:

    • Dykes and dyke failure modes.
    • The use of geosynthetics for the design and construction of durable dykes.
    • The optimization of dyke construction with geosynthetics in terms of resilience and cost.
    • How geosynthetics can contribute to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions for sustainable river management.
    • How state-of-the-art standards and design practice can mitigate risks associated with the use of geosynthetics in dykes.

Founded in Basel, Switzerland, in 1996, MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) offers 330 diverse, peer-reviewed, open access journals supported by more than 84,200 academic editors. 

Visit this link to read the review paper. The paper will be added to the IGS Sustainability web page following publication on the MDPI website.