Chapter Formation

Start an IGS Chapter!

A major objective of the IGS is to develop and advance the geosynthetics industry and to promote the appropriate use of geosynthetics worldwide. Our global network of IGS Chapters are the main channel through which the IGS interacts with the geosynthetics industry, and the wider engineering community. Chapter activities include the organization of major conferences and exhibitions, such as the International Conference on Geosynthetics and regional conferences.

Chapters create the opportunity for the IGS membership to reach out, teach, and communicate; and they are the catalyst for many advances in geosynthetics.

Participation in an IGS Chapter brings manufacturers, engineers, researchers, professors, contractors, and designers together in an environment which directly advances the industry by informing and influencing people who are not familiar with our discipline.

In support of chapter activities and to foster industry growth, the IGS provides financial incentives to each chapter along with contributing educational materials and tools to those chapter members who teach geosynthetics.

What You Need To Do

To establish a new chapter, the key steps are:

Decide the country or other well-defined geographical region the chapter will cover. This must not overlap with existing chapters.

Establish a minimum number of members, which must include individuals and may include corporate members.

Prepare a set of chapter bylaws consistent with the bylaws of the IGS.

Hold a formation meeting to formally adopt the chapter bylaws and elect Chapter Officers.

Formally apply to the IGS Council for approval.

Throughout this process you should maintain close contact with the IGS Officers and the relevant regional committee.

We can help you at every stage – please Download Chapter Formation Guidance Packet and contact the IGS Secretariat.