IGS Job Shadowing Program

What is the IGS Job Shadowing Program?

On-the-job learning can be a lifechanging opportunity. It puts a young person at the heart of the action in a real workplace, supercharges their subject knowledge beyond the classroom, and offers access to key contacts that could make the difference to a future career. Meanwhile, host companies benefit from meeting exciting new talent with minimum fuss.

The Program pairs an undergraduate, Masters, or research student with a host business for a one-to-one or virtual day shadowing an engineering professional. It gives the next generation of engineers vital hands-on learning, while businesses gain access to fresh talent and new ideas. 

View the full program brochure [pdf]

How does the IGS Job Shadowing Program work?

  • Job shadowing programs are launched and administrated on a chapter-by-chapter basis by participating chapters
  • Typically the chapter serves as the liaison between interested students and companies.
  • Marketing material is provided by the IGS YMC to be used by the chapters
  • Students can apply to IGS YMC for funding of up to XXX to support their job shadowing experience.

How do I participate in Job Shadowing?

Students – contact your local chapter for more information. If your chapter does not have an active job shadowing program, please fill out this expression of interest form. For details on the funding process, see the section below.  

Companies – to mentor the next generation of engineers, contact your local chapter or fill out this expression of interest form:

Chapters – Contact the IGS YMC for more information on how to launch your own job shadowing program: youngmembers@geosyntheticssociety.org

Which chapters currently offer a job shadowing program?  

Australasian Chapter (ACIGS)

Brazilian Chapter

How to apply for funding: