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Webinar On Mitigating HDPE Vulnerabilities

Tensile strain issues in HDPE geomembrane liner systems will be explored at a webinar next month.


Professor Edward Kavazanjian, from Arizona State University, will be exploring ‘Modeling tensile strains and the impacts of seams, patches, and scratches on geomembrane integrity’ during the online event.

The session, hosted by the IGS Technical Committee on Barrier Systems (TC-B), will discuss the threats posed to the integrity of HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, geomembranes when impacted by extreme tensile strains caused by events such as an earthquake or waste consolidation and settlement. These strains can be amplified when they are perpendicular to the seams or surface features such as scratches and patches in the HDPE.

Prof. Kavazanjian will discuss how closed-form modelling solutions should be used to incorporate these strain concentrations into any performance assessment. He will also share insight gained from analyses of solution modelling to suggest measures that can be taken to mitigate the effects of tensile strain in HDPE geomembrane liner systems for landfills.

The webinar will take place on June 15 and will be repeated on June 21.


Register as follows:

June 15, 11am AEST (3am CEST, 1am UTC, June 14 9pm EDT)

June 21, 9pm AEST (1pm CEST, 11am UTC, 7am EDT)


For more information, contact TC-B secretary Amir Shahkolahi at You can also discover more about the TC-B and how to get involved here.