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Watch New Geosynthetics Testing Video

The first of a series of new films putting geosynthetics to the test has been released.

Videos show the main methodologies in laboratory tests used for the physical, mechanical and hydraulic characterization of geosynthetics. Forthcoming films are due to observe thickness tests at specified pressures, geomembranes’ ‘resistance to puncture’, and mass per unit area tests of geotextiles and geosynthetic clay liners.

The project was possible thanks to funding from the IGS Foundation, a sister organization of the IGS established to support and extend the Society’s education initiatives. IGS Brazil supported UFSCar’s funding request and worked with Dr. Fernando Portelinha and Dr. Natália Correia, associate professors at UFSCar’s civil engineering department, to develop the content.

Prof. Correia said: “We’re delighted with these new learning materials, which complement similar videos previously developed at UFSCar, and widen accessibility for students without access to geosynthetics laboratories. These are the first videos on geosynthetics testing in Portuguese so we’re delighted to improve accessibility.”

Prof. Portelinha added: “We hope these videos are useful for students and teachers, as well as professionals working in geosynthetics manufacturing, marketing, design and quality control in Brazil. Thanks again to the IGSF who made this project possible, and our technician Matheus dos Santos who brought the videos to life.”

IGSF Treasurer Boyd Ramsey said: “Congratulations to IGS Brazil and UFSCar on these excellent learning resources. The videos are a great example of the Foundation’s aims in action – enabling the creation of high-quality education resources for the benefit of multiple audiences, widening access and inspiring use. We hope you will watch and share the videos with your network.”

To watch the first video, click here. Other films will be available in due course.

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