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IGS Foundation Funds Geosynthetic Testing Videos

A wider audience will get access to more original geosynthetic teaching resources thanks to a grant from the IGS Foundation (IGSF).

Dr. Fernando Portelinha and Dr. Natalia Correia, associate professors at the civil engineering department of the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) in São Paulo, Brazil, successfully applied for monies to fund the creation of a set of videos demonstrating various geosynthetics materials and how they respond to different forms of testing.

IGS Brazil supported UFSCar’s funding request and will work with the professors in coordinating the content.

Dr. Portelinha said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how important online educational virtual tools are for any level of education. During the pandemic we developed several video classes of geotechnical laboratory tests which were used as teaching material in the virtual learning environment not just available for UFSCar students but for all other universities to access.

“The funding from the IGSF will help us to expand these very popular resources into geosynthetics testing, and enable us to continue to offer high-quality teaching materials for all.”

Dr. Correia said: “IGSF funding will be essential to the development of quality online teaching materials, assisting professors and students who don’t have access to geosynthetics testing. The importance of testing geosynthetics for quality control, performance and design must be taught as well as shared with all of those who will use geosynthetics. This online material will certainly help many people.”

At least 10 videos will be produced with the funding put towards test equipment, materials, room preparation, camera, lights, video preparation, editing, and a website page where the lessons can be accessed. The videos will be in the Brazilian Portuguese language with English subtitles available.

Topics would cover:

  • Types of geosynthetics
  • Geosynthetics functions
  • Geosynthetics properties
  • Geosynthetics in geotechnical applications
  • Geosynthetics in roadway applications
  • Geosynthetics in environmental applications
  • Geosynthetics in hydraulic applications

Boyd Ramsey, IGSF Secretary-Treasurer, said: “UFSCar’s initiatives demonstrate the power of the virtual classroom, high in demand and impact, allowing everyone access to geosynthetics education regardless of location.

“Expanding the educational reach of geosynthetics is a huge driver for the Foundation so we’re delighted our grant to UFSCar furthers these efforts.

“If you have a project, idea or initiative you think would benefit from IGSF funding, please get in touch.”

For more about the IGSF, donating and applying for funding, visit its website here.