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Have You Updated Your IGS Profile?

The IGS Directory has always been a place to find the names and contact details of IGS members. The IGS directory has now been upgraded to become an effective resource for employers, employees, and anyone in the job market. You can now link your LinkedIn profile within your personal IGS profile.  A search criteria has also been added to the directory to allow searches of any member who is interested in being contacted for employment opportunities.

This upgrade was initiated by the IGS Communications Committee in an effort to bring greater value to the IGS website, particularly for young IGS members. The Communication Committee also envisions this upgrade as a resource for senior and corporate members who are looking to hire other members.  All members are encouraged to check that their IGS Directory Profile is up to date and to add a link to their LinkedIn profile if they have one.

If you are an IGS Student Member who has recently graduated from University, or an IGS member looking for job opportunities, feel free to check this new field to appear in employer search results.