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Tune In To Durability Webinar

Explore the factors affecting geomembrane durability at an online talk this month.

Join Boyd Ramsey at the IGS Technical Committee on Barrier Systems’ (TC-B) webinar where he will speak on ‘Durability of polyethylene geomembrane materials – it’s not just OIT’.

STD-OIT or HP-OIT refers to Oxidative Induction Time, a test to measure the thermal stabilization of a material and how quickly it decomposes.

While OIT is a significant measurement of material quality, the webinar will discuss other equally-relevant contributors to lifespan such as a good base resin with the proper density, using a resin designed for use as a geomembrane, and using manufacturing practices that properly convert the resin to geomembrane.

Mr Ramsey, who was responsible for the product and stabilizer formulations for GSE (now Solmax) from 1996 to 2001, will begin the webinar with a short presentation outlining the ‘non-OIT’ considerations before being joined by a panel of industry experts offering their thoughts on ensuring geomembrane longevity.

The session takes place on November 23 and is repeated on November 30. Register as follows:

* November 23, 6pm AEDT (November 23, 8am CET, 2am EDT):


* November 30, 9am EST (November 30, 3pm CET, December 1, 1am AEDT):


Contact TC-B secretary Amir Shahkolahi at for more information about the webinars.

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