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TC-H Workshop Success At Sardinia 2021

State-of-the-art developments in drainage geosynthetics were put centre stage during a lively IGS workshop at a global conference.

The IGS Technical Committee on Hydraulics (TC-H) held the event as part of the 18th International Symposium on Waste Management and Sustainable Landfilling, a biennial event also known as the Sardinia Symposium. The hybrid conference was held online and in-person in Cagliari, Italy, on October 11-15.

President of IGS Italy Daniele Cazzuffi chaired the TC-H workshop on October 14, which was themed ‘Geosynthetics for drainage and filtration in barrier systems’ and included discussion of material development, usage and recent advances. An hour’s Q&A between speakers and delegates followed five lectures:

    • Eric Blond – ‘Designing geocomposite drains in leachate collection layers and double lining systems’
    • Pietro Rimoldi – ‘Designing geocomposite drains for hydraulic capacity: current codes and standards’
    • Piergiorgio Recalcati – ‘Designing geocomposite drains for veneer stability’
    • Maria Clorinda Mandaglio – ‘Relevance of soil geotextile filter long term behaviour on the design of environmental and civil works’
    • Adam Maskal – ‘Use of geocomposite drains for recirculation processes in bioreactors’

TC-H chairman Eric Blond said: “The workshop went very well and included participants from North America, Europe and the Middle East. The hybrid format was also a triumph with Daniele and Piergiorgio attending in person and the rest of us speaking virtually.

“The post-workshop discussion was also very interesting. Overall it was agreed there is vast scientific evidence supporting the use of geocomposite drains as a replacement to gravel in waste containment facilities. The challenge is that there is still work to do in widening the knowledge about geosynthetics in universities, and improving the way we reach out to the younger generation.

“Using modern interfaces such as Instagram to communicate with them should be investigated, in addition to the traditional platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.”

“Overall we had great feedback from participants – they appreciated the comprehensive information we were able to provide on the design, performance and durability of geocomposite drains.”

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