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The Technical Committee on Hydraulic Applications (TC-H) is dedicated to the scientific and engineering development of geosynthetic systems. This committee promotes the dissemination of knowledge, technology, research findings, design and construction methodologies related to hydraulic applications of geosynthetics, such as drainage, erosion control, and coastal protection in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering.

Planned Activities of the TC-H:

  • Technical session planning and organization (e.g., within IGS regional and international conferences).
  • Compiling summaries of regulations in various countries.
  • Making recommendations for geosynthetics in specific applications.
  • Organize focused workshop activities to educate and build a technical consensus, address problems and solve scientific needs.
  • Produce a state of practice document for each of the three main application areas (erosion, drainage, coastal). These documents should form the foundation to create a platform for teaching engineers.
  • Include geosynthetic drainage materials for design with HELP (Hydraulic Evaluation of Landfill Performance) model.
  • Check current IGS Leaflets on Drainage, Erosion Control, and Coastal Protection, and translate into other languages.
  • Attracting young members to the committee.
  • Continuously update content to the TC-H section of new IGS website.
  • Work with the IGS Educate the Educators (EtE) initiative program.
  • Liaise with other societies and institutions with similar interests.



Recent Meetings of the TC-H

The IGS has just recently formed the Technical Committee on Hydraulic Applications. The applications of focus for the Committee in its initial work will concern drainage, erosion control, and coastal protection. During the 16th European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ECSMGE), the TC-H conducted an open meeting. This gathering took place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on 14 September 2015 and paved the way for the TC-H’s growth and activity in 2016. In November, 2017, the TC-H hosted Geohydraulics Week – Two Separate Events to Support the Development and Implementation of Geohydraulic Technology.

 Click here to view the 2016 TC-H Activities Report

Pietro Rimoldi

Co-Chair for Erosion Control:
Dr. Chiwan Hsieh
National Pingtung University of Science & Technology

Co-Chair for Drainage:
Sam Allen
TRI/Environmental Inc.

Co-Chair for Filtration:
Eric Blond

Co-Chair for Coastal Protection:
Karpurapu Rajagopal
Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Veronique Heili

IGS members wishing to participate in TC-H activities are invited to write to the Secretary Veronique Heili: For additional information about the IGS Technical Committees, contact the IGS Secretariat:

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