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Social Media – IGS Brazil Experience

As part of the Project “IGS Brazil em Rede”, the IGS Brazilian Chapter created an Instagram account @igs_brasil to involve Young Members in chapter activities. This was a way of promoting intense interaction among members using a powerful and dynamic channel. This digital tool allows young associates especially to have access to photos, videos, case histories, messages and much more, enabling geosynthetic information to be shared with many.

Instagram Posts are prepared by the Young Members Group (coordinated by Jose Luiz Ernandes Dias Filho) and sent to Natalia Correia (IGS-Brazil general-secretary), who supervises technical content and approves the posts. The IGS-Brazilian Chapter hired a secretary/designer to develop and format the posts, so the project is structured under a solid visual art design. Also worth mentioning, is the contribution of Carolina Carvalho (IGS-Brazil executive secretary) on institutional post-preparation.

The posts are exclusively related to the content available on the IGS Brazil website that stores an extensive list of pictures (from the previous photo contests), articles, case histories, leaflets, proceedings, and technical reports. So far, 278 items have been posted, of which 52 are related to the IGS Brazil Case Study Contest, 49 are from the IGS Brazil Photography Contest, and the other 177 are miscellaneous chapter content, 32 being related to GeoAmericas.

According to Jose Luiz Ernandes Dias Filho, “It is an incredible job to create this social media with the IGS Brazil and Young Members with more than 1000 followers and a lot of content about geosynthetics, and being close to the new generation of professionals. Creating relevant information and interacting is an enriching experience”.

Prof. Natalia Correia evaluates this action as “A promising way to interact with associates. Seeing Young Members from IGS Brazil working together with Board members makes us believe in the future of the Chapter, engaging more and more people. Additionally, IGS Brazil has an extensive and rich database about the Brazilian experience with Geosynthetics that must be shared worldwide”.

According to Victor Pimentel (IGS Brazil President), “It’s so pleasing to see the energy of the Young Members group to accomplish such an inspiring project. For me, it is very relevant to have young professionals getting deeply involved with geosynthetics and wanting to do more. The future of any organization or sector starts with this type of real engagement of sharp young people.

    • More than 600 interactions on some posts!
    • Numerous likes, comments, and shares!
    • More than 1000 followers in 9 months!

Another interesting piece of information about this social media presence is the followers. Most followers are Brazilians, but there are also followers from other countries. Mostly young people! Since May 18th, when IGS Brazil Instagram was created, more than 1000 people have joined.

IGS Brazil’s Instagram intends to be even more active in 2021, providing more content and news about geosynthetics. Follow IGS Brazil on Instagram here.