Seminar on Geosynthetics Textbook Outline & Teaching Experience, Tai’an, China, 16 August 2019

The Chinese Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (CCIGS), in partnership with the Educational Committee of China Technical Association on Geosynthetics (CTAG), organized a Seminar on Geosynthetics Textbook Outline & Teaching Experience in Tai’an, China on 16 August 2019. The seminar was supported by Taian Modern Plastic Co., Ltd. More than 20 experts/scholars from 13 different universities attended the seminar. The aim of the seminar was to exchange the teaching experience on geosynthetics and to define the outline of geosynthetics textbook for college students.

The participating experts and scholars fully discussed the contents of the geosynthetics textbook. The schedule to compile the textbook and the division of work were determined. The geosynthetics textbook is composed of eight chapters according to the functions of geosynthetics. It will introduce the working principle, calculation method and engineering application of geosynthetics under various functions. This textbook is expected to be published in late 2020 and will promote the knowledge popularization and engineering application of geosynthetics in China.

Reported by

Chao Xu (Chairman of CCIGS) and Zhijie Wang (Vice Secretary-General of CCIGS)

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