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Rencontres Géosynthétiques 2017: The 11th French Speaking Conference on Geotextiles, Geomembranes and Related Products Lille, France, 7 – 9 March 2017

Organised by the French Chapter of IGS every two years since 1993, The Rencontres Géosynthétiques are the reference French speaking event for geotexiles, geomembranes and related products. They cover the whole range of applications of these materials in civil engineering and environmental protection. From the 7th to the 9th of March in Lille, this conference welcomes experts, engineers and technicians coming from all Europe and northern Africa.

The eleventh edition of the Rencontres Géosynthétiques was the occasion to make a state of the art on recommendations of use and installation and standards, through the presentation of practical cases of use.

The Rencontres Géosynthétiques are a unique opportunity for practitioners to meet and exchange. On the first day, as usual some short courses were given to those attendees less familiar with geosynthetics on what geosynthetics are, their basic properties and main uses in civil engineering and environmental protection.

  • On the second day, there were two keynote lectures: the first dealt with the behaviour of “alive” earthworks with geosynthetics after several decades and the second keynote lecture presented the new guide about the “recom-mendations for the use of geomembranes in barrier Systems” (to be download at or here), published by the French Chapter of IGS. Then, various papers were presented on geosynthetics in landfill applications, transportation and hydraulic works. A special live roundtable discussion took place about the choice between lowest-priced bidder and best-priced bidder. Posters were also presented in the late afternoon when some time was dedicated in parallel to the visit of the exhibition with 25 exhibitors.
  • The gala dinner took place in a marvellous place in Lille, with nice musical entertainment by a marching band.
  • On the third day, the Keynote lecture dealt with geosynthetics for soil reinforcement. Then, the use of geosynthet-ics for foundations and retaining walls, erosion control and soil contamination was then discussed through a series of papers.

The 11th Rencontres Géosynthétiques were once again a very successful event with about 360 attendees and 25 exhibitors.

The proceedings are, as the previous ones, available for free download on the CFG website:

Reported by

Guillaume Stoltz, Assistant General Secretary of French Chapter of IGS