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Interdisciplinary Geotechnical Forum (incorporating the 16th FS-KGEO) Würzburg, Germany, 06 – 08 Sep 2017

The biannual national conference FS-KGEO of the German IGS Chapter and the special section of the German Geotechnical Society (DGGT) was held this year for the 16th time and for the first time in conjuction with the other special sections of the DGGT.

The event took place in the Congress Centre Würzburg from 06 – 08 September 2017 and was joined by about 600 participants. In the accompanying exhibition 34 exhibitors showed their products and developments.

The new format with 5 special sections organizing their events at the same time and location had a great benefit for the exchange of experts between the various professions and attracted lots of newcomers for the geosynthetics world. Due to the great success this new style leads to a congress series that will be continued with the next event in October 2019 (incorporating the 17th FS-KGEO).

The proceedings (in German) of the total event incorporating 15 presentations from the geosythetics side are avail-able at the DGGT (

Reported by

Gerhard Bräu, Vice-Chair of German IGS Chapter