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IGS Chile Collaborates With GSI

Vital information about geosynthetics will receive a wider audience thanks to an IGS Chile initiative.

A new collaboration initiated by IGS Chile with the Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) allows the Chapter access to the consortium’s white papers, technical guides and practices for translation into Spanish.

Chapter Vice President Fernando Castillo said: “This new relationship will help us take all this knowledge and share it with more stakeholders, allowing greater standardization. We have just created a Technical Committee of Barriers so this series of documents will enhance the impact this committee will have in the country.

“We are the only chapter in Latin America to have this agreement with the GSI so we are proud to be able to provide these new resources to our fellow chapters in the region.”

The Geosynthetic Research Institute was established by Dr Robert Koerner and Paula Koerner in 1986. It became known as the Geosynthetic Institute in 1991.

Their son, Dr. George Koerner, is GSI’s Director.

He said of the collaboration: “This memorandum of understanding has mutual benefits to all parties involved as well as being in line with GSI’s mission to develop and spread knowledge about geosynthetics.

“Not everyone speaks English and we have to think globally in our outreach and try to make technology collaboration palatable to everyone.”

Dr Koerner continued: “This initiative demonstrates the power of good generic specifications and how they can be seamlessly harmonized around the world for the benefit of all. This is a manufacturing quality control specification for commodity materials. It does not stifle innovation but creates a level playing field for quality durable materials to be used in routine applications.”

He added: “I’d like to thank Fernando Castillo and Mauricio Ossa (Solmax’s Global Technical Engineering Manager), who served as a Spanish speaking technical reviewer, for their expertise and patience in bringing this project to fruition.”

Spanish versions of GSI materials will be available on IGS Chile’s website.

Check out the white papers and specifications set to be translated.