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General Assembly of the French Chapter of the IGS

The Comité Français des Géosynthétiques (French Chapter of the IGS) presents its new Officers, following the elections held in the framework of the General Assembly on 11 March 2019. These elections have designated:
-N. Touze, confirmed to the position of President of the CFG,
-JF. Ouvry, appointed to the position of 1st Vice-President of the CFG
-S. Guenaicheau, confirmed in his position as 2nd Vice-President
-B. Chevrol, confirmed as Treasurer
-V. Heili, confirmed as Assistant Treasurer
-N. Racana, confirmed to the post of Secretary General,
-G. Stoltz, reappointed to the position of Deputy Secretary General of the CFG
These elections also allowed to renew a part of the Council, with the election of:
– 1 : Pierre Lebon – ASQUAL and Thomas Sahm – Siplast-Icopal
– 2 : Pascal Rossigny – Cerema/Setra and Nathalie Touze – Irstea
– 3 : Benjamin Chevrol – Arcadis and Sébastien Bourgès-Gastaud – Maccaferri France)
An extraordinary general meeting will be convened in the course of the year to vote on the new statutes and rules of procedure.