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Book Now – JP Giroud’s Keynote Lecture For IGS 40th Birthday Week

Hear where it all started when the man who ‘invented’ geosynthetics gives the keynote lecture to mark 40 years of the IGS. REGISTER HERE

Geosynthetics pioneer J.P. Giroud will introduce his pre-recorded lecture, created exclusively for the anniversary celebrations, on Friday, November 10, taking place on the 40th anniversary of the Society’s establishment in Paris on November 10, 1983.

Prof. Giroud’s talk, ‘Geosynthetics: The discipline beyond the products’, will be the climax of a fascinating week of talks from experienced practitioners from around the world celebrating four decades of the IGS.

In his lecture, Dr. Giroud will revisit the first steps to the formation of the IGS, which he initiated in 1980, and analyse how and why the success of the IGS is linked to the success of geosynthetics. He will also discuss the future of the Society, including challenges the IGS and the geosynthetics discipline may have to face in the coming decades, and why the IGS is well placed to address them.

Join Dr. Giroud at 7am Central Time (1pm UTC), with moderator IGS President Sam Allen. Mr Allen will then take part in an ‘Ask me anything’ session as part of the daily ‘Ask the Officer’ feature this week.

There is still time to submit your questions to Mr Allen. Send your questions to IGS Secretariat-Manager Elise Oatman at, and these will be answered live at the session moderated by IGS Executive Director John Kraus.

To register for the final IGS 40th Birthday Week Lecture, visit here.