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What’s Happening In Your Chapter in 2021?

From Europe to Africa and the Americas to Asia – the IGS’s Regional Activity Committees (RAC) have been working on ambitious plans for 2021.

The eclectic proposals were shared at a recent series of meetings between IGS Council officers and the RAC Chairs.

IGS President Chungsik Yoo, Secretary General Edoardo Zannoni and Secretariat Manager Elise Oatman held the virtual gatherings to exchange updates on the IGS and member initiatives. The regional representatives were Tim Stark (PanAmerica), Laura Carbone (Europe), Jabulile Msiza (Africa) and Chiwan Hsieh (Asia).

Initiatives being considered included:


  • Holding Educate the Educators events in Chile, Colombia and Honduras
  • Translating Geosynthetic Institute and Geosynthetic Research Institute standard procedures and guides, and also other IGS announcements
  • Distributing a Spanish version of the IGS Sustainability eBook
  • Sharing a Spanish-language version of the Giroud Lecture video
  • Conducting Ambassadors Programs in Chile, Panama and Mexico
  • Improving Latin America member organization and communication


  • Creating new Nordic, Slovenian, and Serbian chapters in 2021, with plans to create a Baltic Chapter (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) in 2022
  • Discussing incorporating Ireland into the UK Chapter
  • Distributing translated versions of the IGS Sustainability eBook in French, German and Italian
  • Hosting Educate the Educators events in Romania, Italy, Germany and UK
  • Conducting Ambassadors Programs in Slovenia and Serbia
  • Supporting the creation of the Young Members European sub-committee


  • Hosting a technical committee workshop on Mine Closures from an African perspective
  • Creating a leaflet on Mine Closures to share knowledge
  • Publishing a thesis on an African geosynthetics-related topic
  • Distributing an Arabic version of the IGS Sustainability eBook
  • Conducting Ambassadors Programs in Ghana and Morocco
  • Hosting virtual Educate the Educators events in Egypt and South Africa


  • Assisting technical committees with holding technical workshops
  • Implementing Educate the Educators programs in Vietnam and Malaysia
  • Helping the Education Committee establish a database on geosynthetics-related PhD theses
  • Conducting Ambassadors Programs in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Supporting the Young Engineers conference at GeoAsia7 in November

The interaction was very well received and the IGS Council is looking into making these update meetings a regular occurrence.