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Webinar On Active Geocomposites

The use of active geocomposites and their application areas will be discussed at a webinar next month.

A joint event by the UK Chapter of the IGS and Yorkshire Geotechnical Group welcomes speaker Dr. Stefan Niewerth who present ‘Application areas of permeable geotextile contaminant barriers’.

Active geocomposites are geotextiles that sandwich various adsorbents, such as activated carbon, oil or heavy metal binders, and have different applications underground.

As large-area permeable filters, they selectively stop the flow of contaminants but not the flow of the carrier medium – the water or the vapor, dispensing of the need for surface sealing and connection to the sewerage system.

Dr. Niewerth, Business Development Manager at HUESKER Synthetic, will discuss the various efficiencies, applications and diverse uses of these cost-effective geotextiles such as traffic infrastructure, storage yards, remediation sites, and also incorporated within contaminated soils.

The webinar takes place on November 9 at 6pm UK time.

To join, click here.

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*** Add a date in your diary for IGS UK’s final webinar of the year on December 1 when Boyd Ramsey will talk on ‘Ethics in engineering’ following the chapter’s annual meeting. Tune in at 6pm UK time.