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UK Chapter Launches Education Videos

The UK Chapter of the IGS is due to roll out a set of short geosynthetic ‘explainer’ films for engineering students.

Aimed at undergraduates in civil engineering courses, the series called ‘Geosynthetics in Civil Engineering’ is intended as an alternative or additional resource to the guest lecture, and will help standardize the content communicated.

The recordings of around 15 minutes each are set to include an introduction to geosynthetics as well as separate modules on Separation, Filtration, Drainage, Reinforcement, Stabilisation, Barrier, Protection and Erosion Control. They are pitched at 2nd or 3rd year undergraduates who have a basic understanding of soil mechanics and civil engineering.

IGS UK’s Communications lead Ian Scotland explained: “Undergraduate civil engineering courses at universities are already very congested with a lot of pressure on lecturers to fit in compulsory lectures on traditional methods. This leaves very little time for dedicated lectures on geosynthetics.

“It is typical, at least in the UK, to invite industry experts to give a one-hour guest lecture on the topic. This series looks to standardize and supplement these guest lectures. The videos will be made available to lecturers as part of the IGS’s Educate the Educators programme.”

The videos are designed to be played at the end of the traditional lecture, or to complement the specific area of geosynthetics discussed in class. They will be trialled by a small number of UK professors and universities in the first quarter of 2021 before being more widely released following feedback. They will also be available to view on the IGS UK website in due course.

The structure of the IGS UK Education Modules is also being adopted for use by the Young Members Committee for presentations at EuroGeo 7 in September 2021. If circumstances allow, similar short presentations will be given in the Exhibition Hall to invited groups of undergraduates.

Find our more about the UK Chapter here.