IGS Council Task Forces
The IGS encourages Council members to identify areas or projects that need special attention. Task forces may be created to oversee or support these needs. IGS Task Forces are formed by the Council when deemed necessary and a Task Force Chair is appointed.

Council History

  • Conference Proceedings
  • IGS Foundation
  • GDPR Compliance
In addition to the permanent task forces, a number of task forces are short-lived, with an expected completion of their activities in one or two years. These temporary groups have included Task Forces on Chapter Services, Online Discussion Forum, Membership Database, Society Documents, Webinar Policy, and Awards Protocols. These task forces have been assigned well-defined tasks, which are projected to be completed and delivered to the IGS Council by the time of the next meeting.

Temporary Task Forces include:
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Members-Only Website
  • Student Awards Planning
  • Foundation Investigation
  • Bylaws & Handbook Review
  • Outreach Program
  • Membership Initiatives
Refer to the IGS Operating Units graph to see how how the IGS Council Task Forces fit within the context of the society as a whole. The image also shows the Chairs for each of the current IGS Committees, Task Forces, and Technical Committees.

Download IGS History Archives (pdf)

For more information about the IGS Task Forces, please contact the IGS Secretariat: IGSsec@GeosyntheticsSociety.com.