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Sustainability eBook Now In Portuguese!

A Portuguese version of the IGS Sustainability eBook has become the eighth translated edition of the popular publication.

It follows versions in German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese and French, and includes terms in Brazilian Portuguese.

The original English language eBook, called Preparing the ground for a brighter future, was based on IGS Vice-President Nathalie Touze’s Giroud Lecture ‘Healing The World: A Geosynthetics Solution’.

Launched in April 2020 to coincide with Earth Day 2020, the eBook seeks to widen awareness of the part played by geosynthetics in creating a sustainable future.

Victor Pimentel, President of the Brazilian Chapter, said: “It is a significant achievement to have the IGS e-book translated into Portuguese. The document explores geosynthetics in a very broad way, making the ideas about the effective contributions this technology can bring to sustainability now and in the future, very accessible to all.

 “This allows the IGS to communicate with members and trusted advisors in many sectors, educating current and new potential users on the effective solutions to their environmental issues.”

Portuguese Chapter President Madalena Barroso said: “The Portuguese translation of the eBook was successfully completed in a fruitful cooperation between the Portuguese and Brazilian chapters of the IGS.

“I’m delighted the Portuguese speaking technical community has an additional resource explaining simply and clearly how geosynthetics can help address some of the biggest challenges facing the world today.”

Take a read of the Portuguese version here.