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Student Award Paper Spotlight: A Study On The Settlement Reduction Of Artificial Reef Using Geosynthetics

At GeoAsia 2016 in India Daeho Yun received a student award for his paper entitled “A Study on the Settlement Reduction of Artificial Reef using Geosynthetics”.  Artificial reefs are used protect and restore damaged marine ecosystems.  However, several of these structures have been lost over time due to the reefs sinking as well as scour around the reefs.  Daeho investigated reinforcing the base of these artificial reef structures with geogrids and hybrid bamboo mats to reduce the long-term settlement.  Scale models of cubic artificial reefs were placed on a bed of loose sand in a two-dimensional water tank to investigate the resistance to scour.  Froude similitude was applied to scale the real wave behaviour to the scale model.  In addition, static bearing capacity tests were done on the reinforced artificial reefs.  The settlement of the artificial reefs was found to reduce when reinforcement was installed.  The optimum area of reinforcement was between two to three times the floor area of the artificial reef.

To read the full paper, click here.

Reported by Dawie Marx