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Soil Erosion Control Webinar

Explore the causes, consequences and prevention of soil erosion at a UK Chapter webinar this month.

Professor Jane Rickson, of the School of Water, Energy and Environment at Cranfield University, will talk on ‘Soil Erosion Control and Soil Conservation Using Geosynthetics’.

Participants will learn about issues surrounding soil erosion, including why its control is vital for environmental and regulatory reasons. Understanding why slope-forming materials erode at different rates can inform the application of control measures such as vegetation and geosynthetics.

Prof Rickson, who has more than 30 years’ experience of research, consultancy and teaching in soil and water engineering, will also share the findings of Cranfield’s three decades of geosynthetic product evaluation. This will include a focus on how geosynthetics affect the hydrological and hydraulic processes operating on a slope.

The webinar takes place on June 24 at 6pm BST. To join, simply click the Zoom link here.

* Set a date in your diary for the UK Chapter’s next event on September 14 at 6pm GMT when Eric Blond of EB Consultant Canada will talk on ‘The Design of Drainage Geocomposites for Long-Term Applications’.

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