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Governance Documents of the IGS

The IGS is a learned society dedicated to the scientific and engineering development of geotextiles, geomembranes, related products, and associated technologies. The IGS is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation. It is managed by five Officers and a Council made up of 10 to 16 elected members and a maximum of five additional co-opted members. These Officers and Council members are answerable to the General Assembly of members, which elects them and decides on the main direction of the Society. Governance documents of the Society, including all relevant policies, are made available below.




The IGS Individual Member Directory is available online to IGS members only. To access information, a member must be logged in on the IGS website.

The IGS Corporate Member Directory is openly available on the IGS website. Each corporate listing is accompanied by their corporate logo and linked to their full-page advertisement, including a link to their website. This is an important benefit for IGS Corporate Members.


Financial Policy (PDF)

The Finance Committee is a standing committee of the IGS. Its principal responsibilities are to see that appropriate accounting policies and internal controls are established and followed, and that the organization issues financial statements and reports on time and in accordance with its regulatory obligations.


The IGS Handbook is a dynamic document that continues to grow and evolve. Initiated by founding Secretary Guy Masenaux and the then Vice President J.P. Giroud, the document has since been amended, expanded, and updated in a series of edits. These editorial updates were conducted by Presidents Rowe, Jones, Bathurst, and Cazzuffi, with the support and execution of the Secretaries W. Voskamp 1990 – 1994 and P. Stevenson 1994 – 2010.

The Handbook presents the IGS Bylaws, the IGS Code of Conduct, Guidance, and draft bylaws for chapters, policy, and procedures for organizing conferences and other events. It also includes a number of additional items, which are evident in the table of contents. The IGS Handbook is available for viewing by IGS Members only.

IGS Bylaws (PDF) Benefits and Awards (PDF) Events Section (PDF) Communications Section (PDF) Chapter Guidelines Section (PDF)

Please note that the IGS Bylaws and the Benefits and Awards sections of the Handbook were updated in 2019. The Communication and Chapters sections were updated in 2020. The Events section was updated in 2021.  Please contact the IGS Secretariat at if you have any questions or concerns.