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Results of the 4th Chinese National GeoWall Competition

The final round of the fourth Chinese national GeoWall competition for college students was concluded at Chengdu, China on September 27th, 2020. 62 teams from 32 universities attended this competition, among which 28 teams were qualified to attend the two-day final after the evaluation committee reviewed their design reports. The Tongji University and the Tianjin University won the first prize.

The China Chapter of the IGS (CCIGS) hosted this completion, and it was organized by the Southwest Jiaotong University and co-organized by Taian Road Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. The completion required each team to design a wrapped-face reinforced soil model wall using kraft paper as facing and reinforcement. In the final round, each team was tasked with completing the wall construction and loading test, including 40 kg vertical load, 10 kg static horizontal load and 5 kg horizontal dynamic load.


Reported by CCIGS