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Register Now For Geomembranes Webinar

The durability of geomembranes in hydraulic applications will be explored at an upcoming webinar.

IGS Council member Eric Blond will be examining how geomembranes can address the challenges of managing precious water resources over time in his talk ‘Service life of geomembranes in hydraulic applications’.

Hydraulic structures traditionally used clay, concrete or roller-compacted bituminous materials as sealants. However, performance failures recently observed have questioned whether the durability of such materials has been overestimated.

Mr Blond’s webinar will share evidence on the performance of various types of geosynthetics used in hydraulic structures and show how the service life of most geomembranes easily exceed the typical design life of hydraulic structures.

The webinar, which takes place on May 31 and repeated on June 5, is being jointly hosted by the IGS Technical Committees on Hydraulic Applications (TC-H) and Barrier Systems (TC-B). Mr Blond is chair of the former.

The webinar will run on May 31 and repeated on June 5. Register as follows:

For more information about the webinars, contact TC-B secretary Amir Shahkolahi at

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