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New Chapters In Guatemala And Bolivia

Alberto José Pérez

The IGS will soon have two new chapters: IGS Guatemala and IGS Bolivia.

The IGS Guatemala President will be Alberto José Pérez, with board members Carlos Morales (Vice President), Luis Rolando Aguilar (Secretary), José Ramón López (Treasurer), Hector Centes, Eduardo Orellana and Juan Francisco Calderón.

Mr Perez is overseeing the legal process to create a non-profit organization in Guatemala to run the new chapter, which should be completed in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Professor Osvaldo Rosales, of Universidad Privada Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Bolivia, is to be the President of the Bolivia chapter, with board members Eduardo Nuñez del Prado (Vice President), Jimena Grock Pereira (Treasurer and Secretary) and Mauricio Lima.

Prof. Rosales has also launched a monthly webinar series, with details below.

Professor Osvaldo Rosales

Once established, these two chapters will be the newest in the Pan-American region since IGS Panama launched in 2014.

Professor Timothy D. Stark, Chair of the Pan-American Regional Activities Committee, explained the time was right to create these chapters because of the increased use of geosynthetics locally. In Guatemala geosynthetics are being used in reinforcement projects related to transportation while Bolivia is using a lot of geosynthetics in mining applications including lithium mining.

Projects in Bolivia

Prof. Stark added: “We’re excited to launch these new chapters and add them to the Pan-American IGS family. We look forward to expanding the appropriate use of geosynthetics in Central and South America through education, research, and industry participation.”

The Guatemalan chapter has already attracted manufacturers and consulting engineers as member companies. The Bolivian chapter is attracting university professors and students, manufacturers, and consulting engineers as future members.

Members can expect an active programme of events. Bolivia has already launched its monthly webinar series with Francisco Pizarro having given the first talk in April when he spoke on ‘Use of geodrains in infrastructure works’’.

Guatemala’s chapter is also planning webinars and hopes to introduce the subject of geosynthetics into university courses, which is not being covered at the moment.

Both new chapters are expected to have their own websites and LinkedIn pages, which will be announced in due course.

Learn more about the IGS Pan-American Committee here.

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