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Lille To Host EuroGeo8

The city of Lille in Northern France is set to welcome geosynthetics delegates from around the world in 2025 after winning the bid to host EuroGeo8.

The IGS European Geosynthetics Conference series is one of the largest regional conferences of its kind in the world and was most recently hosted by IGS Poland in Warsaw this year. Previous locations have included Valencia, Edinburgh, Maastricht, Munich and Bologna. EuroGeo8 is due to take place on September 15-17, 2025.

Here, IGS France’s General Secretary Pascal Rossigny shares the chapter’s priorities and plans for one of the IGS’s flagship events.

Congratulations Pascal, how does it feel for IGS France to host the next EuroGeo8?

Thank you! We worked hard over the summer to create an attractive bid to organize the next EuroGeo. We’re delighted to have been chosen by the IGS and we welcome the challenge to make the event a success.

Why was hosting EuroGeo8 of interest to IGS France?

IGS France has a long history of initiating and organizing geosynthetics conferences. France organized the first International Conference on Geosynthetics (ICG) in Paris in 1977. At that time, the term geosynthetics did not exist and this very first conference was called ‘International conference on the use of fabrics in geotechnics’. It was that year the world-famous terms geotextile and geomembrane were created by our French colleague Dr. J.P. Giroud. After this event, IGS France organized a French conference in 1993, called ‘Rencontres Géosynthétiques’ to bring together producers of geosynthetics, engineering offices, installation companies, structure owners, experts, researchers, and so on. This now takes place every two years with the next one, which will be the 14th edition, to be held in 2024. IGS France also hosted the 7thICG in Nice in 2002.

Therefore, we felt now was the right time for France to host EuroGeo8, the first time IGS France has hosted this prestigious event.

Why Lille?

Lille is a large French city at the crossroads of Europe, on the one hand by its geographical proximity to several European countries and on the other being served by high-speed train, a means of transport with low carbon emissions. To get there by plane, visitors can use France’s largest airport, Roissy Charles de Gaulle international airport, which then allows direct access to Lille by high-speed train.

Tell us about your plans so far for EuroGeo8.

We’re still in the planning stages but one of the major themes will be sustainability, both from the point of view of the products and also through the functions that the products perform in place of natural materials. We hope that this conference will show that geosynthetics are innovative materials that can contribute to building a more sustainable world.

What do you hope to provide to delegates in terms of learning experiences, sessions, activities etc?

We hope the conference will be a rich learning and networking experience. Geosynthetics producers know each other well and are always full of new ideas for innovative geosynthetics. We want to attract as many users
as possible to discover new products, innovations, and the latest studies and related research.

Where can people find out more?

We are in the process of setting up a EuroGeo8 conference website but in the meantime any queries can be sent to myself Pascal Rossigny at, Jean-Pierre Magnan at or Guillaume Stoltz at We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming everyone in 2025!

You can also learn more about IGS France here.