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Iranian Webinar: The Role of Geosynthetic Liners with Dr. R. Kerry Rowe

kerry-roweThe Iranian chapter of the IGS is pleased to announce their next technical webinar entitled “The Role of Geosynthetic Liners: Minimizing Leakage and Contaminant Impact”. In this webinar, Dr. R. Kerry Rowe from Queen’s University in Canada will be the keynote speaker.

The lecture by Dr. Rowe will be held in English starting at 3:30 pm GMT, with a one-hour session held in Persian beforehand, starting at 2:30 pm GMT.


This lecture examines issues around liners and leakage. It highlights some of the basic factors that are still overlooked in the design and construction of liners. It examines many of the factors that contribute to leakage and the role of the engineer ensuring the effective use of geosynthetics in minimizing leakage from landfills, mine waste, dams, and lagoons. The lecture highlights the importance of diffusion of contaminants in well-designed low leakage barriers. It discusses some contaminants of emerging concern and how modern landfills are coping with those contaminants.



About the Speaker

Prof. R. Kerry ROWE
Barrington Batchelor Distinguished University Professor and Canada Research Chair – Tier 1- OC,
Ph.D., DEng., DSc(hc), FRS, NAE, FREng, FRSC, FCAE, FEIC, FASCE, FIE(Aust), FCSCE, P.Eng, CP.Eng.

Prof. Rowe holds the Canada Research Chair in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering at Queen’s where he is also the Barrington Batchelor Distinguished University Professor. His professional practice and research has covered contaminant migration through soil and rock, hydrogeological/geotechnical/civil engineering aspects of landfill design, containment and remediation of contaminated sites, geosynthetics, hydro dams, tailings storage facilities and tailings dams, reinforced embankments and walls, tunneling in soft ground, the failure of slopes and excavations, and piles in soft rock. He is a past President of the International Geosynthetics Society, the Canadian Geotechnical Society and the Engineering Institute of Canada. He has been selected to present some of the world’s most prestigious named geotechnical lectures including the Giroud Lecture (2002), Rankine Lecture (2005), Casagrande lecture (2011), Karl Terzaghi Lecture (2017), and Mercer Lecture (2019-2021). The International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering created ISSMGE R. Kerry Rowe Lecture to honour his pioneering contributions to geoenvironmental engineering. 

Webinar Registration


Date: 15 September 2021


  • The lecture in the English language by Dr. Kerry Rowe will start at 03:30 PM GMT ( 03:30~05:30 PM GMT).
  • A one-hour session in the Persian language will begin at 2:30 pm GMT. The room will be run at 2 pm for the required checks.