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Iran Chapter Technical Webinar

Discover alternative methods of constructing laterally-loaded piles in fill walls when the Iran Chapter of the IGS hosts a webinar by Professor Jie Han.

Dr. Han, of the University of Kansas, will speak about ‘Interactions between Geosynthetic-Reinforced Fill Walls and Laterally-Loaded Piles’ at the virtual event on Monday, December 21.

He will discuss alternative designs to geosynthetic-reinforced fill (GRF) walls, sharing details about a test wall project in Kansas where piles were installed at four offset distances from the wall facing, seated on the bedrock, and supported by the GRF mass.

The presentation will discuss construction, instrumentation, field and laboratory testing, and numerical analyses of laterally-loaded piles in GRF walls. Dr. Han will evaluate the interactions between these elements, and offer design guidance.

The two-hour talk starts at 4.30pm GMT or 8pm Iranian time. The webinar will be presented through “Adobe Connect”.

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Note: Participants are asked to please email before attendance to inform the hosts of their intention to attend.