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Introducing The 20th IGS Council

The 20th IGS Council is set! Following the conclusion of the election earlier this year, the IGS Council co-opted and invited members during the first Council meeting in Warsaw, Poland to better represent the diversity of the IGS membership within the Council.

The newly co-opted members of the IGS Council are:

  • Jie Han (USA), IGS Treasurer
  • Huabei Liu (China),
  • G L Sivakumar Babu (India),
  • Francisco Pizarro (Chile), Pan American Committee Chair
  • Maria das Graças A. Gardoni (Brazil)

Co-opted Members enjoy the same voting rights as elected Members and shall retire or stand for election at the first ballot after the date of co-option.

Invited members of the Council are:

  • Rami El-Sherbiny (Egypt)
  • Julia Putih (Malaysia)
  • Tao Han (China)
  • Jacques Cote (Canada), as the IGS Foundation representative
  • Dawie Marx (USA), as the Young Members Committee representative


The full 20th Council roster can be found here or below: