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IGS Sustainability Papers To Feature At Italy Conference

A rich range of research on geosynthetics and sustainability will be shared by the IGS when they speak at Italy’s 32nd National Geosynthetics Conference this month.

Hosted by IGS Italy, known as AGI-IGS, and in association with the biennial SAIE 2022 construction trade show, speakers will explore the conference theme ‘Circular economy and resilient applications’. AGI-IGS President Daniele Cazzuffi will host the morning session while AGI-IGS Vice President and IGS Council member Nicola Moraci will chair the afternoon.

Dr. Nathalie Touze, President of the INRAE center at Jouy-en-Josas-Antony, near Paris, France, and former Vice President of the IGS, will make the keynote speech on ‘The role of geosynthetics in sustainable development and the circular economy’. Her talk will look at the evolution of geosynthetics in relation to sustainability and how their use and application relate to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The varied benefits of using geosynthetics versus other construction materials will also be explained, and how geosynthetics can support the circular economy.

IGS Council member Francesco Fontana will then share his thoughts on ‘Opportunities and limits of recycling in the production of geosynthetics from a circular economy perspective’. His talk will explore how the recycling credentials of a material should not be the sole criteria when choosing construction materials, and suggests a more holistic view should be considered.

IGS Executive Director and IGS Sustainability Committee member John Kraus will then speak on ‘Microplastics – why geosynthetics are not the problem’. Mr Kraus will discuss the dangers of misinformation about geosynthetics in relation to environmental impact and how this can be mitigated.

These three papers will be in English, while all other papers will be in Italian, but will include an English abstract. Other talks on the day will include the role of sustainable landfill, and the impact of geotextiles in the alpine environment.

A volume of conference proceedings will be available for a fee by emailing Pàtron Editore at

For more details about the conference on October 20 at Bologna Exhibition Center, visit the website here. IGS Italy is also preparing to host the prestigious 12th International Conference on Geosynthetics in September 2023. Learn more here.