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IGS Students Awards: 2018 to 2021

The success of the IGS Student Award program will continue, now with its 8th award period of 2018 to 2021.

The Awards will be assigned in the years 2020-2021 and all successful candidates will be invited to attend one of the IGS regional conferences in 2020, i.e., GeoAmericas 2020, EuroGeo7 or Geosynthetics Asia 2021, or Geoafrica 2021.

The IGS student award was established to disseminate knowledge and to improve communication and understanding of geotextiles, geomembranes and associated technologies among young geotechnical and geoenvironmental student engineers around the world.

The IGS student award will consist of US$1,000 to be used to cover travel expenses of each winner to attend a regional conference. The US$1,000 will not be distributed without such attendance. If the student receives funding and subsequently does not attend the conference the Student’s IGS Chapter will be responsible for the refund of the award. This award amount will be assigned to only one student per IGS Chapter. The selected student should have been an undergraduate, M.Sc. or Ph.D. student during the period 2016-2019.

The IGS is interested in encouraging the involvement of the students during the selection process. To ensure student representatives form each chapter participate in the program to the fullest extent possible, the chapters must accomplish the following:

  • Chapters must organize a contest or conduct a nomination process to select the student candidate to represent the chapter. The process should include submission by the student candidates of abstracts and preparation of a technical paper for one of the IGS regional conferences in 2020 or 2021.
  • While the IGS chapters are free to define the characteristics of the nomination/competition process, this process should be documented and provided to the IGS.
  • Chapters must notify the IGS of the name of the student selected. Communication will be made by the IGS to all chapters as regards the deadlines for those two actions.
  • The winner student should provide the IGS Secretariat’s office ( with copy to IGS Students Awards Chairs: Laura Carbone ( ) and Lucía Davila ( in parallel to the conference organizers with the abstract and paper submitted.

The IGS Education Committee is available to help in the preparation of such process.

The IGS will transfer US$1,000 to the student upon receipt of the draft paper. IGS Student Award winners will participate in dedicated sessions at the corresponding regional conference, where they will present their paper.

IGS Student Awards recipients will be required to submit a written report to the IGS on the regional conference and on the IGS-related conference activities. This report should also be provided by the Student Awards winners to their own chapter.

In recognition of the IGS Student Award winners and to maximize benefits to the students, the organizers of the regional conferences are required to hold a dedicated session in which the student papers will be presented. They must also provide the students with a free copy of the proceedings and free admission to the sessions and the exhibition. In addition, a comprehensive student program will be organized in each regional conference to maximize their exposure to geosynthetics and the IGS. This includes a recognition ceremony during the conference as well as their participation in corporate receptions, social functions, and activities specific to each conference.

Please feel free to contact the IGS Secretariat’s office (, or the Chairs of the IGS Students Awards: Laura Carbone ( or Lucía Davila ( with questions about the IGS Student Award Program.


Reported by Laura Carbone and Lucía Davila

Chairs of the IGS Students Awards: 2018 to 2021