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IGS Leaflets Now In New Languages

A range of IGS educational resources are now available in Spanish, Chinese, and German.

Translated leaflets on the following topics have been added to the IGS Digital Library:

  • Geosynthetics in Embankments of Soft Soils
  • Geosynthetics in Slopes Over Stable Foundations
  • Geosynthetics in Walls: Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall Applications and Benefits
  • Geosynthetics in Railways: Applications and Benefits
  • Geosynthetics in Seismic Applications
  • Geosynthetics in Unpaved Roads
  • Geosynthetics Functions

Students Hongyu Wu and Lucia Moya translated the leaflets into Spanish on behalf of the IGS Pan-American Regional Activities Committee.

Committee chairman Tim Stark said: “Spanish is the dominant language in South and Central America so it is important to translate information to facilitate the proper use of geosynthetics in infrastructure projects.”

He added: “The Pan-American Regional Activities Committee now offers monthly webinars in Spanish to increase the understanding and use of geosynthetics in infrastructure projects. The recorded webinars are posted on our Spanish LinkedIn page as well as our translated meeting minutes and other information.

“We are actively trying to increase the understanding and proper use of geosynthetics through Educate the Educators events, Educate the Regulator events, and International Ambassador visits in Brazil, Chile, Honduras, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, and Panama.”

Chinese Taipei chapter President Chiwan Hsieh, who organized the creation of the Chinese versions, said: “It was a pleasure to provide the translations to help bring the understanding of geosynthetics’ uses and benefits to a wider audience.

“Many thanks to the chapter council members for the translation and review of these IGS leaflets.”

Other leaflet languages in the pipeline include French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish and Japanese.

Visit the IGS Digital Library here to access the new translations and explore a host of other resources.