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IGS Launches Sustainability Benefits Calculator

A game-changing online tool to help compare the sustainability gains of using geosynthetics versus other materials is now live.

The IGS Sustainability Benefits Calculator offers a way to measure the environmental benefits of using geosynthetics materials in projects versus traditional materials. It uses real world scenarios that can be tailored to the user’s specific enquiry and fit current industry and regulatory protocols.

Users can view some case studies and tailor them to their specific project needs, exploring the cradle-to-cradle implications. The software, provided by One Click LCA, generates numerical values for the environmental impact of a design, such as the amount of CO2 that might be produced in a particular scenario. Detailed results can also be downloaded and used in presentations, bid documents and reports.

The search parameters also comply with EU regulations (other regulatory packages are available) and practices so it is a reliable tool for design engineers, site owners, regulators, government officials, contractors, as well as the wider public, to use. It will also help inform and enhance future IGS training materials, courses and educational programs.

Boyd Ramsey, of the IGS Sustainability Committee, said: “The Committee is delighted to finally see months of hard work come to fruition with this comprehensive tool for the benefit of our members, and the planet. For the first time users have at their fingertips a practical, factual way to measure the sustainability benefits of geosynthetics. It helps to demonstrate unequivocally how geosynthetics are the greener choice.”

Similar to other software modelling used in the geosynthetic and engineering industry for slope and wall stabilization and other engineering calculations, these programs require user training to access the complete experience and benefits. These needs are due to be discussed within the IGS.

Users can explore the tool for free to view the case studies. However, purchase of a user license is needed if tailored calculations are required. Licenses are available for IGS members to buy at a discounted rate.

Further information, including an explainer video, frequently asked questions, and instructions on how to gain access to the Calculator, please visit the IGS website