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IGS Launches ‘Did You Know…?’ Sustainability Videos

Sustainability education just got more interactive.

The IGS’s ‘Did You Know…?’ series, which shares insight into the sustainability credentials of geosynthetics, have been reimagined into bite-sized videos and animation.

These eye-catching clips capture each of the 10 ‘Did You Know…?’ messages, which link to information sheets that explore the topic in more detail. Issues covered include how geosynthetics contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, how they help prevent environmental contamination from landfill waste, contribute to flood prevention, and their cost effectiveness.

Sam Allen, IGS President, said: “We created the ‘Did You Know…? graphics series in April, last year, to boost awareness about the sustainability benefits of using geosynthetics versus other materials. Developing these into animated videos really brings these important messages to life. We hope our members will share these exciting new resources with their network.”

All ‘Did You Know…?’ materials – and more including the IGS eBook on Sustainability, white papers and videos – are available on the dedicated IGS sustainability web page here.