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IGS Foundation Seeks Funding Requests

Do you have an idea for an initiative that promotes or advances the understanding of geosynthetics for the benefit of all? The IGS Foundation (IGSF) would love to support your efforts if so.

The IGSF acts as a global champion of geosynthetics education, and is now appealing for chapters, groups or individuals to apply for grant funding.

It is looking for projects that help it fulfil its Mission to ‘support educational initiatives able to provide an understanding, and promote the appropriate use, of geosynthetic technology throughout the world for the benefit of humanity’. 

The IGSF most recently awarded 19 scholarships to students to attend the virtual GeoAmericas 2020 conference in October, last year. Successful recipients spoke of the “incredible” impact the award had on their professional development, giving them access to an event they might not have otherwise been able to attend.

IGSF Secretary-Treasurer Boyd Ramsey said: “Education is key to our mission and of great importance to our donors. We’re keen to plough their generous gifts into further advancing the understanding and use of geosynthetics. If you have a project or proposal that would benefit from an IGSF award then please get in touch.”

To apply for a grant, visit the IGSF ‘Request For Funding’ page for criteria and submission requirements.

For more about the IGSF visit the website or email Boyd Ramsey at