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IGS Chile Launches Barriers Committee

The Chile Chapter of the IGS has created its first Technical Committee on Barriers.

The new body will promote the use and specification of geomembranes, GCLs and other geosynthetics for containment applications.

Chapter President Francisco Pizarro explained: “We decided to create this Committee because Chile has the highest consumption of barrier geosynthetics per habitant in the world. This is caused by mining activity, which is very intense in Chile; geosynthetics are often used in the construction of tailing dams and ponds.

“The creation of this committee is a realization of an old commitment of the Chapter. We are proud to have made it a reality and of creating a task force 100 per cent focused on this area of geosynthetics.”

And that’s not all. The Chapter is also now on LinkedIn. Its new page ( aims to bring the Chapter’s activities to a wider audience.

Later this year Chapter organizers will hold Educate The Educators events and continue monthly corporate member workshops for the engineering and construction community.

Please connect with the Chile Chapter on LinkedIn for the latest news.