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IGS Announces Honourary Member and Service Awards Presented in 2014

igsawardsimg_111214The International Geosynthetics Society Awards were presented during the General Assembly held on 24 September 2014 at 10ICG. IGS Awards are granted to individuals or groups of individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the development and use of geotextiles, geomembranes, related products or associated technologies through their scientific and technological achievements. This year the IGS recognized several of its members for their commitment and dedication to the IGS and the greater good of the geosynthetics discipline. (To read about IGS Awards given for outstanding research, click here.)

Honourary Members 2014

Dr. Daniele Cazzuffi

  • Italian Chapter President
  • IGS Council 1994 – 2002
  • President 2002 – 2006
  • Past President 2006 – 2010

Professor Fumio Tatsuoka

  • IGS Council 1994 – 2002
  • Vice President 2002 – 2006
  • President 2006 – 2010
  • Past President 2010 – 2014

The International Geosynthetics Society bestowed its highest honour to Dr. Daniele Cazzuffi and Professor Fumio Tatsuoka for their long-term dedication to compelling progress in both the discipline of geosynthetics and the society through leadership and tireless effort. The IGS bestows this honour to those who have consistently contributed to the IGS and have made recognized achievements.


IGS Service Award

Dr. J.P. Giroud

Founder, Geotextiles &
Geosynthetics International

Dr. R. Kerry Rowe

Editor, Geotextiles
& Geomembranes

Dr. Richard Bathurst

Editor, Geosynthetics International

The IGS Service Award was presented to Dr. J.P. Giroud, Dr. R. Kerry Rowe and Dr. Richard Bathurst in recognition of their long-term commitment as the founder and editors of the two official journals of the IGS. Both Geotextiles & Geomembranes and Geosynthetics International have made an extraordinary impact on our discipline as well as many affiliated disciplines. IGS Members benefit from both contributing to and learning from these journals, and the industry at large has been moved forward by the work published in these esteemed journals.


Pierpaolo Fantini

  • IGS Council 2004 – 2012
  • Finance Chair 2010 – 2014

The IGS recognized Pierpaolo Fantini for his significant commitment as a member of the IGS Council, the Chairman of the Corporate Committee and the Chairman of the IGS Finance Committee, as well as his work with the Italian Chapter of the IGS.

IGS Young Member Service Award

Edoardo Zannoni

  • IGS Council 2012 – 2014
  • Young Members Committee 2012 – 2014

This award was presented in recognition of Edoardo Zannoni’s ambitious efforts to further the IGS Mission through hard work and leadership in developing the Second African Geosynthetics Conference – particularly its technical program – as well as his rigorous efforts to support and expand the scope of the IGS throughout the African continent.

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