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The 8th National Conference on Geotechnical Engineering was very successfully held in Athens, 6-8 November 2019 with the participation of 388 persons, including a very large percentage of students (133 in total). Among the 18 different sessions, two were directly associated to “Reinforced embankments and Geosynthetics, Soil Improvement”.

Mr Kollios presenting his keynote lecture

Following an introductory key-note lecture presented by Dr. A. Kollios on “Critical Assessment of failures of a Slope Barrier System by Geomembranes”, the following communications were presented:

VI.1.    Application of Linear Regression Methods for Estimating the Strength of Soils Reinforced with Fibers

  1. Evaggelou, X. Konstantinidou, I. Markou, V. Papadopoulos


VI.2.    Design of Reinforced Embankments under Seismic Loading

  1. Koukos, A. Mpagkou, D. Papakonstaninou


VI.3.    Computational Tools for the Design of Landfill Base and Slope Liner System with Geosynthetics

            A.Miliori, I.M. Markou


VI.4.    Design and Implementation of Slopes Anti-erosion Protection by Geosynthetics

  1. Migirou, A. Kollios


VI.5.    Use of Geogrids for the Foundation of Embankments on Problematic Soils

  1. Xenaki, A. Ritsos, A. Kollios, A. Basdekis


VI.6.    Occurrence of time and magnitude unpredicted Settlements in a Motorway Embankment, Interpretation and rehabilitation by application of Lightweight Embankment

  1. Papacharalampous, D. Vakiris


VI.7.  Probabilistic Analysis of Reinforced Earth Walls under Pseudo-static Loading Conditions

  1. Pavlakis, I.E. Zevgolis,N. Klimis


VI.8.    Applications of Geosynthetic Materials – Restoration of a Sludge Basin in Dourouti Landfill Ioannina

  1. Platis, K. Malliou, D. Platis


VI.9.    Earthworks quality control of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

  1. Stratakos, B. Boukouvalas, A. Koukiasa


VI.10.  The use of geosynthetics in asphalt concrete reinforcement

  1. Stratakos, G. Battiato


VI.11.  Design and Construction of Approach Earthworks Towards the Abutments of Menidi Bridge of the Ionian Road via High Vertical Reinforced Soil Walls

            I.F. Fikiris, D. Bouziou


VI.12. Reinforcement of Mechanically Stabilized Earth with Welded Metallic Meshes

  1. Hikaras, B. Chanteperdrix


VI.13.  Cost benefit analysis of using biaxial double twist steel wire mesh asphalt interlayer in Safawi-Iraqi border road rehabilitation project.

       I.Psimis, P.V. Jayakrishnan, P. Pezzano, P. Rimoldi










Reported by A. Kollios (26/11/2019)