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‘Green Construction’ Featured At IGS Slovakia Conference

Sustainable development using geosynthetics was among topics shared at IGS Slovakia’s 14th national conference ‘Geosynthetics 2023’.

More than 80 experts from Slovakia and neighbouring countries attended the event, known as GeoUNIZA 23, at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Žilina (UNIZA) on February 9 and 10.

Among discussion was the use of geosynthetic materials for transport, building construction, hydraulic engineering structures and sustainable construction. Experts from research and educational institutions, design companies and manufacturers gave 17 lectures across themes including geosynthetics education, research and development, technical regulations and standards.

Following welcome speeches from UNIZA’s dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Professor Marian Drusa and rector Prof. Ján Čelko, IGS Poland President Jacek Kawalec gave the opening lecture on ‘Experiences from realized constructions with using geosynthetics’, which explained the various applications and sustainability benefits of using geosynthetic materials in large construction projects.

IGS Slovakia President Radovan Baslik said: “Once again the conference provided an excellent forum for lively discussion and connection and confirmed its relevance and importance for the construction industry. It was also wonderful to see the return of in-person interaction and we look forward to continuing this at GeoUNIZA 25. I’d also like to thank IGS Slovakia members, particularly Filip Gago with the communications materials, who ensured this year’s conference was such a success.”

Following the conference, IGS Slovakia held its regular General Assembly where six new members were welcomed and an election was held for the Executive Committee.

The biennial GeoUNIZA is jointly organized by IGS Slovakia, UNIZA, the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers, Slovak Railways, and Slovak Road Associations. For details of the 15th GeoUNIZA in 2025, watch this space or visit the IGS Slovakia website for updates.