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Geotextile Filters Focus For 2023 Giroud Lecture

The scope, potential and pitfalls of using geotextile filters in a range of scenarios will be explored in the next Giroud Lecture.

Ennio Marques Palmeira, Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Brasília, Brazil, will be use the prestigious opportunity to talk about, ‘Geotextile filters: from idealization to real behaviour’, at the 12th International Conference on Geosynthetics in Rome, in September.

Prof. Palmeira, who has more than 40 years’ experience researching geosynthetics applications, will discuss the behavior of these materials and identify factors that may influence filter performance. Methodologies that can help predict geotextile filter performance under critical conditions, such as unstable soils and incidents of clogging, will also be shared.

Prof Palmeira said: “Drainage systems are necessary in nearly all geotechnical structures. But despite the great success of geotextile filters in general, some situations are still critical to them and poor performance or failure may occur. Thus, it is important to clearly identify these situations and take the necessary measures to avoid or minimize them.

“I hope the audience will benefit from the presentation of four decades of research and field experience on geotextile filter performance under a wide range of conditions, helping to raise awareness of the problems and how they can be avoided. I hope the talk will also help clarify some issues regarding geotextile filter behavior and improve designers’ confidence in using geotextile filters.”

The Giroud Lecture series was established in 1994 in honor of geosynthetics pioneer JP Giroud, to recognize exceptional achievement and influence in the field of geosynthetics. Former speakers have included Prof. Robert Koerner (1998), Prof. Kerry Rowe (2002), Chris Lawson (2006), Prof. Heinz Brandl (2010), Prof. Richard Bathurst (2014) and most recently former IGS Vice President Dr. Nathalie Touze (2018).

Prof Palmeira said: “It is certainly a great honor and challenge to be a Giroud Lecturer, not only because of the importance of the lecture itself, but also bearing in mind the names of my predecessors, who, in addition to Dr. Giroud, have been a great inspiration for me throughout my professional career.”

He added: “I also want to take this opportunity to encourage all professionals related to geosynthetics and geotechnical engineers aiming to learn about new technologies and sustainable engineering solutions to attend the 12th ICG. Furthermore, it will be held in the historic and beautiful city of Rome, which reminds me of an old saying: ‘All roads lead to Rome’!”

As well as the Giroud Lecture, additional keynote lectures at the 12th ICG will include:

  • September 19, 8: 45am-9:30am – Bathurst Lecture – Yoshihisa Miyata, ‘Research and practice on geosynthetic MSE walls: past, present and future’
  • September 19, 9.45am-10.30am – Giuseppe Cardile ‘The road to resilience: advanced soil-geosynthetic interface characterization and its role in reinforcing soil structures for sustainability’
  • September 20, 9am-9.45am – Rowe Lecture – Richard Thiel ‘Selection of long-term shear strength parameters for geosynthetic interfaces
  • September 20, 9.45am-10.30am – Russell Jones – ‘Sustainable development: UK perspective on the role of geosynthetics’
  • September 21 9am-9.45am – Ben Leshchinsky – ‘Insight towards the stability of complex geosynthetic-reinforced soil structures’ 
  • September 21, 9.45am-10.30am – Seyed Tafreshi – ‘Geosynthetic reinforced foundation’


+++ The 12th ICG runs from September 17-21. Prof Palmeira will be delivering the Giroud Lecture on September 18 from 9.30am-10.30am in the conference venue’s Sinopoli Hall.