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Geosynthetics Middle East 2010

GeoMidEast2010SKZ the German Plastic Institute and BMC Gulf are honored to present the 3rd International Conference GEOSYNTHETICS MIDDLE EAST 2010 Waterproofing Systems and Reinforced Structures under the patronage of Abu Dhabi Municipality.

This event will provide a highly attractive platform for international geotechnical and environmental specialists to exchange their knowledge and experience on Geosynthetic related topics, research and design, construction engineering, case studies and field experiences. The conference will attract industry experts of various backgrounds including engineers, designers, consultants, manufacturers, contractors and government agencies, and will therefore also provide a rich networking environment.

With the support of Abu Dhabi Municipality as Head Sponsor for this event, the Geosynthetics Middle East 2010 will once again contribute to the quality of the construction projects throughout the region, increasing their value and considerably extending their service life.

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