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Geosynthetics and Sustainability Webinar

The Iranian chapter of the IGS is pleased to announce a technical webinar entitled “Geosynthetics and Sustainability: a focus on Hydraulic Applications”. In this webinar, Dr. Nathalie TOUZE from the National Research Institute for Agriculture Food and Environment (INRAE), France will be the keynote speaker.

The lecture by Dr. Touze will be held in English starting at 3:30 pm GMT, with a one-hour session held in Persian beforehand, starting at 2:30 pm GMT.


The objective of the presentation will be to illustrate the many ways in which geosynthetics contribute to the United Nations Sustainable development goals, with particular emphasis given to hydraulic applications. A presentation of what sustainability means when one deals with geosynthetics will first be presented, in the context of the activities of the sustainability committee of the International Geosynthetics Society. The many ways in which geosynthetics contribute to reducing the use of non-renewable resources, as they allow to reduce the quantity of natural soil materials required, decrease the quantity or need for select imported soil material and make it possible to reuse/recycle deconstruction materials in relation with improved performance efficiency will be shown, in the context of hydraulic applications. Insight in improved long-term performance and reduced maintenance will also be given. A synthesis of available data as regards the sustainability of a construction with geosynthetics will be presented focusing in particular on the reduction of economic and environmental costs. The ways constructing with geosynthetics contribute to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions compared to alternative construction solutions, in relation, among others, to the reduction in quarrying, material transportation and installation will be illustrated. Finally, social benefits will be briefly discussed.

About the Speaker:

IGS Vice President, Dr. Touze has been conducting research on geosynthetics for the past 27 years, with particular emphasis on hydraulic and environmental applications. She is the head of the INRAE center at Jouy-en-Josas-Antony, a French public research institute, which has been at the forefront of geosynthetic research since 1972. She has authored about 200 papers and serves or has served on a number of national technical committees especially for the use of geosynthetic clay liners and geomembranes. Her experience has been acknowledged in the field of standardization and she has served as convenor of WG4 (hydraulics) in ISO TC 221 and CEN TC 189.

She is currently president of the council of the French Chapter of IGS. She has been elected on the IGS council twice (2010-2014 and 2014-2018). Dr Nathalie Touze was a Keynote Lecturer at the Eurogeo 4 and Eurogeo 5 conferences. She was also an invited lecturer at the 7th International Conference on Environmental Geotechnics in 2014 (Melbourne, Australia) and earned the honour of presenting the 6th Giroud Lecture at the 11th quadrennial IGS Conference in Seoul.



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Date: 26 May 2021


  • The lecture in the English language by Dr. Nathalie TOUZE will start at 03:30 PM GMT ( 03:30~05:30 PM GMT).
  • A one-hour session in the Persian language will begin at 2:30 pm GMT. The room will be run at 2 pm for the required checks.


To avoid any network disruption, the name of participants should be chosen as “Country-Family Name” (for instance: Iran-Zare). For more details, participants can contact the Iranian chapter by sending an email to