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Geosynthetic Application EtE Event organized by the Indonesian Chapter of IGS

EtE Program

ETE logoEducate the Educators (EtE) is an event held in the form of workshops, to provide teaching, lecture sessions, and preparations for the course’s curriculum. The topic for this year’s event is Geosynthetics Application.

International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) is an organization that initiated the EtE events in the form of geosynthetics learning workshop. The IGS itself has educational programs that are being developed around the world. The aim for this EtE program is to educate people about the usage of geosynthetics, especially in the field of Civil Engineering projects.

Through this event, IGS also wants to develop an SN-Dikti curriculum in Indonesia based on competency due to the need for Civil Engineering graduates to understand the latest technology in construction. It is necessary to have experts who are excellent at their own fields sharing their knowledge to complete the knowledge of future Civil Engineering graduates.

The EtE event in the form of workshop, is aimed at lecturers as well as new civil engineering graduates, as practi-tioners and academics in Civil Engineering. After this event is done, it is hoped that the participants are able to share their knowledge to all students about geosynthetics technology and application in Civil Engineering. Through this workshop, it is also hoped that the geosynthetics application as an educational program, will be more developed in the future. This is supported by the number of Civil Engineering graduates who have a good understanding regarding to geosynthetics applications in Civil Engineering projects.

Implementation of the EtE Program

The Educate the Educators (EtE) event, for the first time, was held in Indonesia and was organized by the Indonesian Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (INA-IGS). INA-IGS also cooperates with MY IGS (Malaysian Chapter of International Geosynthetics Society), Krida Wacana Christian University and University of Science Ma-laysia in organizing the EtE event.

Through discussions in the event, it was discovered that only a small number of campuses have made some kind of introduction regarding geosynthetics and an even smaller number of them have a subject on geosynthetics. The common problem was that the subjects were electives and due to the general interest being low, its impact is very limited. The general consensus was that geosynthetics needs to be included in subjects such as soil improvement, thus ensuring every Civil Engineering graduates knows that geosynthetics is an available alternative instead of just some special product that manufacturers are trying to sell.

The event took place on October 2nd 2017 at Hotel Century Senayan, Jakarta. The EtE event was then continued with a geosynthetics international seminar with the theme “Quality in Construction Using Geosynthetics” on October 3rd 2017 at the same place.

The EtE Lectures were Delivered by:

  • Amelia Makmur, S.T., M.T., Topic 1: Introduction on types and functions of geosynthetics materials.
  • Sam Allen, Topic 2: Fundamental properties and related tests on geosynthetics materials.
  • Prof Dr. Fauziah Ahmad, Topic 3: Indroduction on the application of geosynthetics for soil reinforcement.
  • Ir. Gouw Tjie Liong M.Eng., ChFC, Topic 4: Introduction on geosynthetics application in in roadway system.
  • Michael Dobie, Ceng, FICE, FCIHT, Topic 5: Introduction on geosynthetics application on soft soil.
  • Mike Sadlier, Topic 6: Introduction on geosynthetics for environmental application.

The Participants

Total participants are 28 participants from:

  • PT Summarecon (10 participants)
  • PT TGU (3 participants)
  • Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University (1 participant)
  • PT MRP (2 participants)
  • PT Sakarna (2 participants)
  • National Defence University of Malaysia (1 participant)
  • PT Hilon (1 participant)
  • Dinas PU Merauke (1 participant)
  • Polytechnic of Jakarta (1 participant)
  • PT Hakaaston (1 participant)
  • Bina Nusantara university / PT Tetrasa Geosinindo (1 participant)
  • PT GSI (1 participant)
  • Sri Kanti (personal)
  • Krida Wacana Christian University (1 participant)
  • Maranatha Christian University (1 participant)
Participants of the EtE Workshop 2017 in Jakarta

Reported by

David Saputra and Amelia Makmur, Chairperson of conference and EtE