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Geomembranes In The Spotlight At ACigs Events

The Australasian Chapter of the IGS (ACigs) brought the latest thinking on geomembranes to the fore at its first event of 2020.

Two Australian cities hosted ACigs’ Geomembrane Workshop Series, on March 16 and 17 in Melbourne, and March 19 and 20 in Brisbane. They were held at the cities’ respective Engineers Australia office locations and met health guidelines at the time before the COVID-19 lockdowns were enforced around the world.

Delegate numbers were limited and social distancing advice was adhered to, with all attendees safely returning home with no reported illnesses.

Day 1 of the sessions focused on the latest technical advances of interest to professionals designing, specifying and constructing with geomembranes.

Day 2 explored the durability and chemical compatibility of geomembranes including updates to current evaluation methods and project-specific materials testing.

Additionally, many case studies were shared which provided real world examples of the benefits of geomembrane use.

COVID-19 travel restrictions prevented some speakers attending in person, but real-time video links enabled presentations to go ahead.

Boyd Ramsey, member of the IGS Council, secretary-treasurer of the IGS Foundation, and co-Chair of the IGS Technical Committee on Barriers, gave the keynote speech. Geomembrane lifespan, geosynthetic selection criteria and the PFAS containment issue and possible solutions were explored in his talk.

 Participants also enjoyed a networking lunch – at least two metres apart!

ACigs President Graham Fairhead said he was delighted with the success of the events and delegate engagement, given the unprecedented circumstances.

He added: “ACigs is pleased to have facilitated the workshop series for our members. These are extraordinary times for all industries and geosynthetics will continue to move forward and progress despite these significant yet temporary setbacks.

“Even in challenging times, ACigs will continue to advance the appropriate and sustainable use of geosynthetics.”

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