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GeoAmericas 2020 – It will be awesome!


Together, in October we’ll celebrate the overcoming of this adversity in Rio de Janeiro

Everything is already set up to make the Conference a memorable one.

April 26th was the date initially set
for the opening of GeoAmericas 2020.

We couldn’t let this special date go by.

So we prepared this video especially to tell that GeoAmericas 2020 Organizing Committee is concerned guaranteeing the safety of the participants and the realization of an event that can bring together the community of geosynthetics in an environment of confidence and enthusiasm.Everything is already set up to make the conference a memorable one.

All the Keynote Lecturers kept their participation confirmed, and we are looking forward to seeing you also there.

It will be awesome!

Check out GeoAmericas 2020 deadlines:

05/30/2020 – Deadline for papers submission.
07/30/2020 – Deadline for submitting corrected papers.
08/14/2020 – Deadline for early bird registrations for professionals. / Deadline for final acceptance and invitation to presentation (oral or poster). 
09/26/2020 – Deadline for online registrations. / Deadline for early bird registrations for students. / Publication of the detailed program.
10/26/2020 – Conference opening